Positive Material Identification
Edge Inspection Group - weld inspection, radiography, magnetic particle testing Many metals look similar to each other difficult to distinguish from one another. Material mix-ups can cause a variety of issues if used in the wrong process. Two types of PMI systems are used X-ray sources or X-ray fluorescence (XRF). The fluorescence process contains a primary X-ray transmitted from the test instrument and a secondary X-ray emitted from atoms of material under test. Through various process the atom emit X-rays and the sample’s atoms possess a clearly defined energy that is unique to the elements present. The intensity of the X-ray is proportional to the concentration of a given element in the sample, therefore by measuring both the energy and intensity of the characteristic X-ray from the sample, an XRF instrument can provide both qualitative and quantitative analysis identifying the element and measuring its concentration.

X-ray sources analyzers may have as many as three radioisotopes contained is a small sealed capsule.